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Hire Nora to Speak at your company events on the Following Topics:


Presentations are held at your workplace, via zoom or both and last about 1hour to  2hrs

Conflicts in the  Workplace

Workplace conflicts can sap energy from any business. Resolving issues quickly and effectively – and helping prevent them from occurring again – is critical to smooth sailing. Business managers overall spend an estimated 40 percent of their time dealing with conflicts both big and small, so it’s no trivial matter.

It’s a fact of business life. Disagreements, disputes, and honest differences exist everywhere. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, the key is this: By treating conflicts as catalysts for increasing energy and productivity, you can turn them from negatives into positives.

Positive Mindset in the Workplace

Positive thinking is a way of processing information with an optimistic outlook. Great positive thinkers understand that life can be challenging, but they approach challenges with determination rather than defeat. They move forward decisively and seek help when they need it to get the job done. Since they believe in themselves and their abilities, as well as the abilities of others they work with, positive thinkers feel confident that they can conquer whatever obstacles they encounter.

Positive thinking has several great benefits for your career. It impacts the way you think about your work and the way your colleagues and customers see you. These are just a few of the advantages of maintaining a positive mindset at work can achieve:

  • It reduces stress levels

  • It boosts productivity

  • It improves problem-solving

  • It supports skill acquisition

  • It helps decision-making

  • It enables you to seize opportunities

  • It facilitates interaction

  • It helps you manage feedback and conflict

  • It increases resiliency

Secrets to a Happy Life

Do you find yourself unfilled by the so-called pleasures of life, again and again, discovering how they don't last?

Where do we actually find happiness, if the temporary solutions aren't working?


Whether you’re a web designer, teacher, fire-fighter or Army officer, you are encouraged to keep checking things off the to-do list, amassing accomplishments and focusing your efforts on the future. There’s always something more you can do to further yourself at work: an extra project or responsibility you can take on, more schooling you can complete to ensure a promotion, or an additional investment to wager on just in case. And so you strive nonstop to exceed your goals, constantly playing catch-up with your ambitious to-do list.

The problem comes, however, when we keep delaying our happiness in favor of getting more things done so that we can be even happier later—or so we think. This delaying process can go on forever, turning into workaholism, which damages the very success and happiness we are seeking.

   Parenting Do's & Don'ts

Parenting is a full-time job, full of joys, trials, challenges, and triumphs. There is no doubt that parenting can be rewarding and exhausting at the same time. No parent is perfect.

Parent-child relationships have a powerful effect on a child’s emotional well-being, basic coping and problem-solving abilities, and future capacity for relationships.

Through sensitive, responsive, and predictable care, young children can develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

   How to Cope with Divorce

Even under the best circumstances, certain aspects of your divorce process are probably going to be difficult. At the end of the day, you’re dealing with a loss, and getting through that can be tough. With the right tools, information, and resources, you can learn how to deal with divorce in the healthiest way possible.

      How to Become a Badass You

When you learn how to be a badass, you kiss goodbye to caring what others think. You don’t care about following the norm. You’re who you are and you own it! A badass is just a formidable person who’s somehow extremely intimidating and yet, so darn awesome! Everyone wants to be a badass.

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